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Three Different Types of Customers that Use General Contractors Today

When it comes to the people who call for quotes on construction projects, there are different profiles.  For example, homeowners get in touch with contractors to arrange for remodeling projects and new construction.  Beyond new and remodeled homes, clients from schools and government bodies (municipalities, fire protect districts, schools, libraries, recreation centers, etc.) call for help in constructing facilities that will be used for public services.  Finally, commercial clients need construction and remodeling services, too.

Not all contractors and construction companies are created equal, though.  Whereas some do specialize in helping certain clients, most can take on projects of any kind.  Whether your project is big or small, there are some things you need to consider.  Look for companies that are insured, licensed, and bonded.  Look into the company references and past projects.  Get a few quotations for various companies so that you can ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Home Remodeling
Home remodeling is an obvious section of the construction market in the Miami area.  Communities see many home makeovers each year.  With small projects like kitchen remodels and bathroom overhauls, the construction market has been booming.  Larger projects like room additions, second story additions, and new construction keep contractors busy, too.  Whether your dream is big or small, a contractor can make it a reality.

Institutional/Schools General Construction
Libraries, city halls, recreation centers, and schools often need to update their facilities to better meet the needs of their constituents.  For example, a recreation center that is outdated doesn’t make patrons feel very welcome.  It could even hinder the ability to create quality recreation programs.  Libraries that have outdated HVAC and lighting cost taxpayers more money.  Schools need to be safe for students.  This all drives the organizations to seek upgrades to their facilities as often as possible.  Whether funded by tax dollars, loans, or grants, the construction industry is proud to take part of this public service.

Commercial Construction
Commercial and business construction is common.  New businesses are going up all the time.  +


buy out others and take on outdated properties.  These business owners also call contractors for assistance.  Whether for retail, commercial, industrial, or office, a contractor has the technical knowhow and experience to make a project that meets all of the businesses’ diverse needs.

These three client profiles are the most popular.  If you have a project like this, or a different kind, find a contractor or construction company that is insure, licensed, and bonded.  The team at Five Stars Construction LLC is ready to assist.


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