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Spring is Here and It is Time to Check Three Items at Home

Okay, get ready for this! Spring is finally here.  Days are a little longer.  Spirits are a little higher.  People are ready to tackle their winter to-do lists filled to the brim with home improvement projects.  You can think of the three Spring S’s to get started on yours.

The Big Three:

  • Yes, the sun is out more.  Glad you noticed.  What does that mean for you as a homeowner?  It means you should seriously consider getting solar power at home.  You know more and more people worry about electric consumption and even more people are worried about their electric bills.  You can kill two birds with two stones (although no birds were harmed in the making of this blog) by installing Solar Power equipment.  That’s right.  You can save the planet and save money at the same time if you install solar panels at home.  These panels aren’t as bulky and ugly as they used to be.  In fact, some are installed in a rather discreet way.  And honestly, who cares if the neighbors know that you are wise to the wave of the future?  They’ll only respect you more when you make the switch to solar energy this spring.
  • Steel studs/Drywall: Kind of a weird one, here, but hear this out.  If you care about your home, you have to care about how it stays up.  Sure, it is easy to concern yourself over the parts you can see, but none of it would be there without the parts you cannot – steel studs/drywall.  If you feel like your house isn’t as sturdy as it used to be, it might be more than your imagination.  Old houses and houses on uneven ground need repair.  They might need Steel Studs and Drywall attention as soon as possible.  Rather than wait until the roof caves in, call for a consultation as soon as time permits.
  • Structural Repair/Reinforcement: The three Spring S’s are taking a seriously slide here, all the way down to structural repair/reinforcement.  You don’t want your house to slide into oblivion, do you?  To prevent disaster, start your research now.  Look up Miami-Dade’s best in structural repair and reinforcement.  You need to find a licensed, certified, insured expert to take on a project like this.  This isn’t like painting your dining room.  It’s serious business that involves local permits and engineers.  If your house is showing signs of needing structural repair, then it is time to call in a pro in order to keep you, your family, and your property safe.

Spring is here absolutely here, and it’s time to celebrate it by fixing up your home with the Three S’s of Spring.  Get to work you, busy bee, you have a lot to do.  For help, call the construction experts at Five Stars Construction LLC. We are licensed, insured, bonded, and ready to serve.

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