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Outdoor Deck Contractors in Miami Aren’t on Vacation this Fall

Finding an outdoor deck contractor in Miami can pos e a real challenge when it feels like every contractor this side of Miami Lakes is on vacation for the fall.  We know one firm that isn’t taking a break this fall:  5 Stars LLC.

Finding a great contractor can be a big job.  In the fall, it seems like some are taking a little break before the busy winter season.  They spend all summer working hard building outdoor decks across Miami, Miami Lakes, Pinecrest, FL, and the like.  Then, they want to relax.  Fall breaks, trips to the beach, trips to New York City and more are calling them away, leaving the consumers frustrated, annoyed, and desolate.

If you are struggling with contractors who don’t answer emails, don’t send estimates, and just generally appear to be unavailable and uninterested, you have been looking in all the right places.  A contractor who won’t leave you high and dry is right under your nose.

Some people want to hire an outdoor deck contractor and outdoor remodel company in Miami-Dade, and when they do, they don’t want to wait around!  We live in a society that thrives in quick responses, an instant gratification world.  We get it. Outdoor decks aren’t going to build themselves, especially if a contractor won’t even return a voice message just because they’re on a fall-fun vacation.

The Outdoor Contractor in Miami that returns your calls and emails

Fall break, what’s that?  We work hard, and we play hard, but we don’t leave customers hanging.  It isn’t our style.  We got into the contracting business because we love building decks and glorious outdoor spaces that are rich in style, class, and fun.  If you want an expansive deck, a hot tub that bubbles with stress-reliving heat, or landscaping that makes your backyard feel like a jungle escape, you have to have a contractor who both understands your vision and supports you every step of the way.  Companies that do not return your messages simply are not going to make the cut!

An Outdoor Contractor in Miami Lakes

You need a contractor that won’t let you down.  To find one, consider the names you see when you do an internet search for outdoor contractors in Miami Lakes.  You should find a contractor that has excellent reviews.  For example, you might see companies that do the work cheap, but they don’t make deadlines.  You might see companies with bad reviews that leave jobs halfway finished because of permit issues or a lack of insurance.

Go with a reliable company.  Reliability isn’t hard to define:  credentials, licenses, insurance, bonded, positive reviews, a friendly and professional attitude, and a sense of common courtesy in prompt response times.  These factors define success in the field.

Do you just want a recommendation for an Outdoor Contractor in Miami Lakes?

+1.305.510.0170 or +1.323.239.2923.  Give us a call!  5 Stars LLC.

We are here to help you build the outdoor deck of your dreams.  We’re not on vacation!

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