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Here is Who to Call When You Need Help with Fire Restoration

After a property catches on fire, the process of getting back to “normal” is very overwhelming.  Hopefully the only thing damaged in the fire was the property.  Sometimes these fires cause a lot of damage to homes, robbing families of all normalcy. To restore a home after a fire, these families need to call an expert in fire restoration.

Luckily, many contractors and construction companies are able to help with fire restoration.

These companies can help in a few different ways:

Concrete:  If your home is made of concrete, you should be aware that the concrete can be damaged in a severe fire.  Concrete can be burnt, charred, and full of soot.  It requires professional cleaning and painting to store it to its original form.  A general contractor and construction company can help with this process.  The experts can also ensure the concrete did not crack or have further damage during the fire.  If it is badly damaged, the contractor will be able to tell you to what extent it is damaged and whether you need to replace it or repair it.  From there, the professional will manage the restoration of it so that your home is safe and looks great once again.

Electrical:  Some house fires are started because of faulty electrical work.  If that was the case of your house fire, you need those electrical appliances and wires repaired so that the event does not occur again.  Even if the fire was caused by something else, you should have your house’s electrical systems checked.  Wires and electrical components might have been weakened or damaged in the fire.  A general contractor will be able to identify problems and contractor or employ a certified, licensed, and insured electrician to manage the project.  Your home will be safe and operating like new in no time flat.

Painting: When a fire occurs in a house, even a small fire, paint is damaged.  The smoke and soot that fills the house leaves residue on the walls.  This residue is unsafe because it has toxins.  It also makes the house smell like smoke and look ugly.  You can’t just paint over it, though.  The drywall often has to be removed entirely.  A contractor will be able to tell if your walls can be cleaned and restored or if they need to be replaced entirely.  Either way, the contractor will also be able to help you with the painting required to make the house once again feel like a home.

A fire can cause a lot of problems for a homeowner.   The effects of a house fire are long lasting.  The house can be restored, though, with professional care.  To learn more about fire restoration for a home, or for a commercial property, contact Fire Stars Construction LLC.  We are insured, licensed, and bonded.  We are here to help.

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