Miami-Dade bathroom remodel

A Miami-Dade Master Bathroom Remodel Isn’t Scary!

A master bathroom remodel doesn’t have to scare the living daylights out of you.  It can be a process that is actually kind of fun if you call on the right Miami-Dade contractor for the job.

Should you remodel your bathroom in October 2020?

Some people think October is a bad time to remodel a bathroom because they are entrenched in the business of the holiday season.  Yes, the holidays are going to be here before you know it. That’s all the more reason to do your bathroom remodel in October.  Soon it will be Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Years, then Valentines Day, then Easter, Spring Break, Fourth of July, and you’ll be back where you started – in October.  Go ahead and do this remodel in October!  It won’t be scary.

Don’t let your home become a haunted house with a scary bathroom!  Call a Miami-Dade Contractor to manage your October bathroom remodel.  Here are some tips:

  1. One of the most frightening things about doing a bathroom remodel is the cost. Imagine getting that estimate in an email, opening it up, it’s loading… it’s loading… and BOO! There are more zeros at the end of that number than you thought!  What a nightmare.  If you call on a contractor who has a reputation for being affordable, you won’t be taken by surprise.
  2. This fall, your bathroom dreams can come true. If your favorite color is pumpkin spice or you regularly refer to yourself as a “goth” or “witch,” you can 100% incorporate those themes into your bathroom.  You can add sconces. You can add purple, black, and forest green touches.  The choice is yours
  3. Don’t go with the first contractor who comes across your path. It could be bad luck!  You should shop around.  With all the tricks and treats that come with the fall season, you will be a lot happier if you go with a contractor you can trust.
  4. Eco-friendly options are out there. Fall used to be celebrated as the harvest season, a time when people took a moment to be thankful for all the earth has to offer us.  If this mindset is still yours, then you can go for eco-friendly products in your remodel.
  5. What’s the point of doing something halfway? Go big or go home.  This is a tip that often is applied to Halloween decorations, haunted houses, and costumes.  If you’re bargaining for a Miami-Dade bathroom remodel this spooky season, the same rules apply.  Go for the hot tub.  Go for the sauna.  Go for the double vanity!
  6. Beware the buyer! We can’t say that enough.  If you are getting an ominous feeling from a contractor, you should read the reviews on their work.  If past customers are sending grave warnings, take notice.

These tips should help anybody who is considering a big Miami-Dade bathroom remodel in the coming months.  If you need a guide, then you can call on the professionals at 5 Star Construction LLC.

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